Student feedback from the Write by the Quays module

“The Playwriting module has been an invaluable experience to me as a young aspiring writer. To have the opportunity to learn from industry recognized professionals as well as my tutor has been a personal privilege and a great source of inspiration”

“To be a writer for the BBC is the dream career for me personally and with this module I was able to taste the experience”

“Being given the opportunity to produce a piece of work possibly for the BBC to perform was amazing, I had never had a chance like it, the fact that it was exclusively for Salford University and that 6 people would get their work published, on the BBC website, really made me feel that anything is possible, and was a great chance in life”

“The opportunity to work with the BBC has to be taken seriously. It opens up potential in-roads to working with the BBC and if nothing else is great to have on your CV. Where I go from here depends on that.”

“In being given the opportunity to work alongside the BBC for the Write by the Quays project I feel particularly thankful to be a student of the University of Salford. Not only was the project a great chance for a select few people to have their work produced by Britain’s leading broadcasting corporation, it was also an opportunity for all students on the module to meet people in the industry and learn what types of ideas are looked for and valued by those in the profession”

“The most influential workshop in my opinion was the talk given by Kate Rowland. Her advice was that your play has to be “emotionally engaging, including characters you want to spend time with”. She said that “just having an idea wasn’t enough, it had to have substance too” and that, most important for me, “resilience, determination and a passion for something always shines through”. This last quote has helped me most as a writer. It spurs me on when I am struggling or I don’t think an idea is strong enough. I would say it has become my motto as a writer. Resilience, determination and a passion for something always shines through.”

“I am very privileged to have had the chance to work with the BBC”

“I will definitely want to continue playwriting in the future, not only because I enjoy it, but also because this module has exposed the amazing opportunities that are available if it is chosen as a profession”

“The Playwriting module is one which has been vital in broadening my own personal spectrum for the projects I may attempt in the future. I feel enriched by the workshops I have attended on the module and lucky to have been given the opportunity to converse with people working in the profession. Playwriting is definitely something which I hope to pursue in the future”

“I am a generally shy person but this module has made me believe I actually have something to give as a writer”

“The workshops with the BBC and the theatre director of the Royal Exchange Theatre proved to be fantastic opportunities”

“Something which really stands out as having an impression on me was the short film “Spider” which was screened at the first BBC workshop”

“The BBC workshop with Henry Swindell was immensely helped in affirming the principles needed to create a strong and entertaining play”

“Having the confidence to pitch my idea to the BBC really helped me to feel more confident as a writer and I’m sporting a new found attitude to never give up”

“I am personally grateful to Jennifer Tuckett for the way in which she taught use to open our minds and search for an idea within us and then develop that idea into a well structured play”

“I am very privileged to have had the chance to work with the BBC”

“This competition has been an incredible experience and opportunity and I feel that, even if I do not win, I am glad that I have taken part and will be able to say that. Alongside the opportunity that this has presented us with…. we got to learn about how the BBC Writersroom (Writersroom North) works, and how this is also an opportunity for us to take advantage of, something that I didn’t even know existed until before this term, and this is exciting too.”

“I am grateful that the classes and BBC workshops have given me the confidence to capitalize on one of my passions, as without them I would probably never have tried to write my own piece of literature”

“Throughout the course of the Playwriting module I feel I have truly furthered my potential as a future writer”

“Overall I have thoroughly enjoyed this module”

“The chance to participate in the BBC’s Write by the Quays competition has been an exciting opportunity”


“I have thoroughly enjoyed this module even though it was my first attempt at writing a play”

“The playwriting module has certainly had a positive impact on my writing as a whole… I will certainly be finishing writing my play as it is to be submitted to the BBC’s Write by the Quays competition and I shall be trying my best to impress the judges”

“The influence this module has had on my writing is massive”

“I would love to continue with my play and if it is deemed acceptable would like it pursue it and perhaps even bring it up to a publication level”

“Ten weeks ago I didn’t have the slightest idea how to make a start on writing a play, and now, not even three months later having written my first script, I can’t help but reflect on how this was made possible. I feel the process was so smooth that I wasn’t completely aware of how much I was developing as a writer each week, but it was made clear to me when I finished my first draft. To have written a whole play (granted, still very rough) felt like such a huge achievement and I couldn’t quite believe I had managed it.”

“Playwriting has been a rollercoaster of emotions as it’s been a whole new experience for me and changing my mindset from writing stories to plays has been my biggest challenge but I am very happy I took it in my stride to do this module. I’ve learnt and gained skills I never thought possible before and I feel I am now one step closer to being the writer I’ve always wanted to be.”

“I have learnt so much during this process and not only do I feel a lot more confident in my own playwriting ability, I am also far more aware of just how broad the spectrum is when it comes to genres of plays. I am now looking forward to pursuing my enjoyment of playwriting…. BBC, here I come!”